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Your travel guide to the streets of Kuopio city


OpasKettu or Katja Mononen at your service!

If you translate it in English then my company's name is GuideFox.

Through my company, I provide guided tours for Kuopio Touris Guides and I also do guided tours myself in Kuopio city on foot, on a bus and on the waves of Lake Kallavesi.


I have dreamed of guiding and providing travel services since I was a child in Kuopio and at the same time get others excited about how wonderful the city Kuopio is.

The operation of my company is part-time and I do paid work alongside business operations. So please contact me primarily by email or the contact form.

Whether you are from Kuopio or visiting Kuopio and planning 

to get to know Kuopio, contact OpasKettu!

I am a guide authorized by the Finnish Guide Association and an active member of Kuopio Tourist Guides.



OpasKettu produces and provides guided tours in the Kuopio area.

Guide brokerage

Guides of Kuopio

Role play lessons

Unique guiding experiences


Guidance just for you!

Let's make Kuopio more familiar to you together!

You can leave a request for a quote using the form intended for them or by email.

I am often away from the office during office hours on weekdays, so please contact me by e-mail or using the contact form.

Thank you!



040 5915140

I recommend contacting 

primarily with the one below

with the form!


Contact form



Thank you for contacting us!

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